Buy sheets for Elementary and Music Education

Music Education by Obrasso

To learn a musical instrument, you need the right learning tools. Assuming that talent alone is not enough, music lessons must be structured in such a way that the music student has fun making music. The music schools  lernen mit Spass from Horst Rapp are perfect for this. The teaching aids are available for various brass and woodwind instruments and accompany musicians from beginners to advanced levels. There is also a Christmas edition for various instruments from the publisher of the same name.

Making music promotes social life. Alan Fernie has published several books of duets for brass instruments. The music books contain up to 40 duets for various instruments. The duet books are a great addition to traditional subject matter.

Of course, you will also find the most popular instrument schools at Obrasso, such as the Arban Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet by Jean-Baptiste Arban or the exercise booklet Warm-Ups by James Stamp. Herbert L. Clarke's teaching materials such as Technical Studies or Characteristic Studies for the Cornet are also available from Obrasso.

"Musik Theorie" is best conveyed by the six textbooks by Paul Yoder and Charles S. Peters. We have the complete range of six text and workbooks for general theory, harmony and arrangement theory.

Finally, we would like to highlight the school supplies for drummers. The Real Drum Book by Jan Moser was the first drum school that Obrasso published. With Sticks For Kids, a whole series of textbooks has now been published by Obrasso Verlag.